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The ‘Deep-State’ Assault on Trump

Below,  full video of the most comprehensive (and relaxed) of the four video interviews Ray gave on March 31.  Early that day WikiLeaks published enough CIA original documents to persuade Ray that the alleged “Russian hacking” last year was orchestrated by then-CIA Director John Brennan – not Vladimir Putin.  (Yes, you read that right.)

March 31, 2017 (60 minutes)

The March 31 tranche in the series of highly classified documents WikiLeaks has labeled “Vault 7” showed that in 2016 the CIA used a highly sophisticated cyber tool to disguise the source of its own hacks.  (To “obfuscate” was shown to be one of the principal aims, the documents make clear.)  Earlier WikiLeaks releases in the “Vault 7” series included CIA documents revealing other programs designed to mimic all kinds of hacking techniques and leave traces pointing to foreign sources.


Remember the “telltale signs?”  Remember the Cyrillic “inadvertently” left behind, which “clearly pointed” to one of those foreign countries?  The languages used in this particular cyber program were: Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Korean, and – you guessed it – Russian.

In any event, the WikiLeaks release earlier on March 31 was what led to the unusual number of interviews of Ray that day.  The Jason Ross interview (below) was non-sound-bite-ish enough to allow Ray to tie together a lot of strands – current and historical.  Excerpts were posted here earlier and can be found below.  But Ray suggests that gluttons for punishment, or insomniacs, may wish to view the whole thing.