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Katharine Gun

Iraq All Over Again? And Where Is Katharine Gun

“A rush to war based on faulty intelligence and a manufactured crisis sounds very familiar.   Some called her a traitor; others insisted she was a hero. Whatever, she blew the whistle ultimately revealing the truth behind the build-up to the Iraq War—regime change, disguised as terrifying threats of weapons of mass destruction… Enter Katharine […]

Part of SFFILM Festival Closing Night Film: “Official Secrets”

Wow! A new film is débuting in San Francisco this month about Katherine Gun’s act of conscience to try and stop the morally depraved Iraq War. More details here: “The story of Katharine Gun is one that’s often been overlooked and undervalued since the Iraq war and there’s immense satisfaction in seeing her bravery […]

Ex-GCHQ whistleblower attacks plans to extend dragnet of secrecy law

Katharine Gun says expanded jail terms for leaking state secrets will deter people from revealing abuses of power Published in The Guardian 2/13/2017 By Owen Bowcott, Legal Affairs Correspondent, published in The Guardian, 2/13/2017 A former GCHQ whistleblower has condemned plans by government lawyers to increase prison sentences and expand the definition of espionage for […]

Chilcot Report Avoids Smoking Gun

While many are calling the just-released British Iraq Inquiry — the so-called Chilcot Report — a “damning indictment” of former Prime Minister Tony Blair and others who led the way to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the report contains stark gaps. Particularly glaring is that there is no mention of Katharine Gun in the 2.6 […]