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Thomas Fingar

John Bolton on the Warpath

Can Trump’s national-security adviser sell the isolationist President on military force? By Dexter Filkins  New Yorker, April 29, 2019 A former official said, of Bolton’s world view, “A lot of nasty people out there want to do us harm. If our country’s interests align with another’s, it’s a fleeting phenomenon.” Photograph by Mark Peterson / Redux for […]

Truth and Lives vs. Career and Fame

By Ray McGovern on Aug 20, 2017, at Consortiumnews. Exclusive: As President Trump considers sending more troops to Afghanistan, it’s worth recalling the modern U.S. dynamic of politicians and generals making misguided judgments about war, writes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern. By Ray McGovern Fifty years ago, I could have tried to stop the Vietnam War, […]

Is the ‘military option’ on Iran off the table? (by Ray McGovern)

If, as seems likely, President Barack Obama retains enough support to complete the nuclear deal with Iran, it will be largely because enough members of the House and Senate are persuaded by his argument that the only other real option is war.. This was the rhetorical gauntlet the president threw down at his press conference […]

Voorwaarts!? Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence

Redactie.radiocentrall (Antwerp) interview of Ray McGovern and Coleen Rowley on October 5, 2014, about the Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence. The article is in Dutch but you can hear the interviews in English at:

Supervisor of Intelligence Estimate Hailed for Preventing War with Iran

Professor Thomas Fingar wins the Sam Adams award for integrity in intelligence, while others warn of an unprecedented crackdown on intelligence agency whistleblowers – February 3, 13 More at The Real News An award for integrity and honesty, for work that essentially prevented a war. Thomas Fingar, now a Professor at Stanford University, oversaw the […]

PRESS RELEASE: Sam Adams Award to Thomas Fingar

Former U.S. Intelligence Analysis Chief to Receive Award at Oxford Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence is pleased to announce the selection of Thomas Fingar for its annual award for integrity in intelligence. Dr. Fingar served from 2005 to 2008 as Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis and as chairman of the National […]